Cameras Capture Brutal Cop Taking Down Agent Derrick while Bicycling Home

Officer Fintan P. Moore, Jr. of the Keene Police Department Gone are the days of "peace officers." Welcome to Amerika, where cops will hit you with their cruisers, put a baton in your spokes, and give you a concussion before they try using words. Was this man making safety a priority? Officer Moore knows me. He knows I'm a peaceful person. He didn't have a reason to pull me over. The minor concussion he caused was uncalled-for. If you feel compelled to do something, tell Chris McLaughlin, City Prosecutor (603) 357-9815 x 7050, to drop all charges against Derrick J. Freeman. Tell him that I've suffered enough. If you have any questions for the arresting officer or just want to tell him what you think of his actions: Fintan P. Moore, Jr. 12 Orchard Street Keene, NH 03431 (603) 352-7195 (home) Twitter: @DerrickJFreeman My blog is Facebook:

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US Police State. We are being conditioned for martial law. My goal for sharing this is not to promote hate for law enforcement in general, but to open your eyes to the militarization of your police force and the brutal mentality of many officers that are sworn to protect and serve. When police are armed as if they are in a war zone, they are apt to act accordingly, viewing citizens as the enemy. We have a right to assemble in peaceful protests and not be gassed, shot or told that it is an illegal assembly. We have a right to protect ourselves from illegal search and seizure and warrantless home invasion. Sharing from Sub to his new channel for more great videos. Video Link @1:19:31