Cameras Capture Brutal Cop Taking Down Agent Derrick while Bicycling Home

Officer Fintan P. Moore, Jr. of the Keene Police Department Gone are the days of "peace officers." Welcome to Amerika, where cops will hit you with their cruisers, put a baton in your spokes, and give you a concussion before they try using words. Was this man making safety a priority? Officer Moore knows me. He knows I'm a peaceful person. He didn't have a reason to pull me over. The minor concussion he caused was uncalled-for. If you feel compelled to do something, tell Chris McLaughlin, City Prosecutor (603) 357-9815 x 7050, to drop all charges against Derrick J. Freeman. Tell him that I've suffered enough. If you have any questions for the arresting officer or just want to tell him what you think of his actions: Fintan P. Moore, Jr. 12 Orchard Street Keene, NH 03431 (603) 352-7195 (home) Twitter: @DerrickJFreeman My blog is Facebook:

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Cop RUNS from Citizen - Citizen Gives CHASE - Goons Arrive!
THEN local goons show up to deal with the citizen! Soap Lake City Hall: (509) 246-1211 Soap Lake Facebook Page: __ This was the first encounter I had regarding illegal unmarked patrol vehicles in Washington. Life got in the way and I'm just now getting it posted. More details in my blog post: Just in case the fact that they later marked the car is not enough it should be noted for the goverment apologists that these unmarked cars are fully illegal. These are NOT special undercover cars, but regular city patrol vehicles and are on no way exempt. For the viral video where I pulled over the Sheriff deputy as well as the LEGAL DETAILS, go here: ing This goes so far beyond unmarked cars! It's about a growing disrespect that so called law enforcement has for liberty and the people they serve. It's about restoring accountability and values to America. It's time to get real, repent as a nation and start standing principled for what is right; so that are children are not slaves. As long as government acts with impunity; liberty will be trampled. Read my tips on filming goverment here: Read how anyone can know the law:

Shock Video: Cop Protects First Amendment
Sheriff defends free speech rights against airport official during opt out campaign A shocking video has emerged of a police officer who abides by the oath he swore to uphold the constitution by defending the free speech rights of activists who were targeted by airport officials during the opt out and film campaign. The clip shows activists Ashley Jessica and Jason Bermas handing out flyers warning travelers about the dangers of x-ray body scanners at Albany International Airport in New York. Almost as soon as the activists begin to hand out the flyers, they are confronted by an aggressive airport official later named as Douglas I. Myers, the airport's Director of Public Affairs. Myers orders the activists to leave the top floor and later takes the unprecedented step of closing off the entire level and preventing families from meeting their loved ones. He subsequently claims the activists need a permit and a $1 million dollar insurance liability merely to film inside the airport, despite the fact that the TSA's own website clearly states that TSA checkpoints can be filmed at any airport. Myers' attempts to get the activists in trouble with police are derailed when Sheriff Stan Lenic steps in to handle the situation, pointing out to Myers that they have a right to film under the First Amendment. "Obviously this is your constitutional right, as far as we're concerned you're not breaking any laws," Lenic tells Bermas. When Myers asks the Sheriff to detain the activists, Lenic responds, "I can't do that." Myers then asks for Bermas' identification, to which Sheriff Lenic responds, "He doesn't have to show you his identification." "I need to get it from you," Myers tells the Sheriff as he winks at him, to which Sheriff Lenic responds "I can't give you that." "Just so you know, he's not doing anything wrong," Deputy Lenic forcefully tells Myers, before quoting the New York penal law code. "If I was to ask for his identification he does not have to give it to me because he's not doing anything wrong," adds Lenic. Myers' claim that Jessica is blocking the escalator is also dismissed by Lenic. Myers then claims the filming is illegal because it is "commercial" and could appear on the Drudge Report -- which is a news aggregator and not a commercial website. Lenic should obviously be commended for his fine job in upholding constitutional rights. If there's an award for cop of the year, he should win it hands down. He is a shining example to other police officers who have completely failed to apply the law in similar situations.!/RealAlexJones [Join The Alex Jones Team and Start Getting Healthy Today!]

Sgt. Baginski (CPD) attempts to shut down an open picnic
Clearwater Police Department's Sgt. Steven Baginski unsuccessfully attempts to shut down a Food Not Bombs event on public land at Clearwater Beach, just outside of Pier 60, 04/01/2012.

Citizen Pulls Cop Over, Gives Warning.
Gavin Seim pulls over a Grant County WA deputy for an unmarked car violation. Details here: See the uncut video here: Gavin... Facebook: TWITTER: Media contact: