24h Le Mans 2012: Team Chevy - Corvette Racing "The Prep"

Corvette Racing's series on the 2012 24h of Le Mans. In this episode, "The Prep," we get in depth information and behind the scenes action on what it takes to get to Le Mans. www.Speed-Magazin.de www.Speed-Magazin.net www.facebook.com/SpeedMagazin

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Formel 1 2012 GP Hockenheim Vorschau: Nico Rosberg und Michael Schumacher
Die Vorschau auf den GP von Hockenheim mit Nico Rosberg und Michael Schumacher. www.Speed-Magazin.de www.Speed-Magazin.net www.facebook.com/SpeedMagazin

Formula 1 GP Europe (Valencia): Brembo Brake Facts
The Brembo engineers make the hardest braking point in Valencia the approach to turn 13. The drivers decelerate here by 228 km/h, releasing 2,481 kilowatts of power in the process!5.92 G pull on the driver, who pushes with almost 157kg onto the brake. www.Speed-Magazin.de www.Speed-Magazin.net www.facebook.com/SpeedMagazin

24h Le Mans 2012 - Teaser
Am 13. Juni werden die Fahrer die Gelegenheit haben in der vierstündigen Trainingssitzung auf die Strecke zu gehen, bevor es danach eine zweitstündige Qualifikation gibt. www.speed-magazin.de www.speed-magazin.net www.facebook.com/gltattoo http://www.motorsport-server.de/fiawec/news/24h-le-mans-2012-die-action-auf -der-strecke-beginnt_35515.html

1960 24hrs of Le Mans Corvette Documentary
In 1960 GM was not officially affiliated with any of the teams, but for the first time Corvette was on the grid and GM commissioned a short documentary to be filmed. The #3 Corvette persevered and took 1st in class.