Drag Racing - Acura RSX Turbo vs CL AMG vs 4*4 vs GT-R R34

Accidental illegal drag in Smotrovaya alley in Moscow. My Eclipse has 150hp - no reason to try to challenge with this dudes

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Type-s Rsx v.s C-63 AMG v.s GS-T
2006 type-s Rsx with Full Race turbo setup Boosting 18psi v.s 2009 C-63 AMG with 451 horsepower and 443 foot-pounds of torque v.s 1997 GS-T with 16g turbo setup tuned by road race engineering..enjoy

GT-R vs Turbo Acura Integra Drag Race
visit http://import2race.com Nissan GT-R vs turbo Acura Integra Drag Race

GTR with AMS kit vs RSX TWIN turbo

603awhp Nissan GTR vs 750whp (650 this Race) Acura RSX (DC5) | HD
RSX was running 650hp, street setup. 603awhp Nissan GTR vs 750whp Acura RSX (DC5) | HD GTR Built by JoTech RSX Built by Inline Racing Both cars had passengers Video by: Johnny Lee