General lee, starsky , A team and the bandit sunday trip

we took the cars to a show and had lots of fun!!!

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Bruce engine build pontiac 400 ci engine 6.6 litre
building your engine

Every General Lee Jump (TV Series)
There are perhaps one, maybe two at most missing as they had title screens in the frame, and even those were reused, but otherwise, every General Lee Jump is here. No plastic toys, no CGI, just REAL CARS with REAL DRIVERS. I have editied the mid jump ad-breaks seen in the U.S. to have as little impact on the actual jump footage as possible.

John Richard Schneider III & his mom & famous General Lee
John Richard Schneider III & his mom and famous General Lee he is doing PR for a movie called Collier & Co

Bandit Run 2008 Leaving Charleston WV
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