Ferrari F40 vs Viper GTS vs Jaguar XJR-15 - 0-400m and 0-1000m drag race

All 3 cars stock, despite all those sponsour stickers. The F40 is fitted with the optional factory Tubi Style Exhaust and the Viper with the optional rear wing. Takuya Kurosawa drives the F40 and Akihito Nakaya drives the Viper GTS and the Jag. Both are Best Motoring host presenters and former Formula 3000 champions. Enjoy!

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Hypercar Shootout - P1, F40, Ford GT, Aventador, 12C, 9ff
We staged a series of drag races where the winner stays on, starting with the Ford GT 720 Mirage v F40 right up to the McLaren P1! Who will take the crown? Subscribe:

Porsche 911s Vs Ferrari F40s !
Porsche vs Ferrari. That's what has always been, & that's what it'll always be. But it's a tie this time ! Commentary on movies didn't leave much for the engine sounds of the car, thus the use of a song. If the annotations (writings in boxes) bothers while watching, use the "stop annotations" button (grey one with white arrow in the far right).

VMax200 - Ferrari F40 v Lamborghini Countach - 80s Special
Who didn't have the Ferrari F40 or Lamborghini Countach on their bedroom wall back in the 80s? I certainly did, right next to Kim Basinger and James Deans Silver Porsche 550 Spyder affectionately known as "little b@stard". Well I've managed to make a dream come true and relive a Miami Vice style car chase at Bruntingthorpe airfield thanks to Vmax200 and Autovivendi Dreams are made of days like these, and this is only half the story. The annual Countach meet and lunch is the following day. Photo credits: Jason Cornish, Rob Overy, Max Simpson, Craig Williams and Jake Bond

Bugatti Veyron vs Ferrari F40
This time we recorded a Bugatti Veyron vs Ferrari F40. The closed the track and let the cars compete against each other, to the delight of the audience. No doubt the 2 cars make a fantastic sound. The question is just which one do you like best..! Follow me on Facebook: Video nr: 67