Magna Mill Drill small shop home shop mill drill from Industrial machinery

This Mill Drill is a perfect machine tool for small work. Priced to move from Industrial Machinery call for your special web deal today. This video will demonstrate the features and functions of this great small mill drill. Call today 614-464-4376.

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Harbor Freight Heavy Duty Milling/Drilling Machine Crash Course
This video is to show what I am currently listing on Ebay and to provide a crash course on it's basic operation for anyone who may not be familiar. It is a Harbor Freight 1.5 HP (came with 2 HP motor) mill/drill for metal working. The one tip I forgot to mention is to make sure you thoroughly clean with alcohol or kerosene both the end mill shank and the collet where they meet each other. This is important to prevent collet slip which can really plague a beginner. Lube all other contact surfaces of the collet. -Purchased May 2012 -Under 10 hours of running time -Only cosmetic wear -Added needle thrust bearing to protect draw bar during tightening -Has always performed flawlessly

How to drill acrylic round hole with mill drill * Rundloch-Fräsbohrer
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This is my metal shop and hobby room in the corner of the basement. I do all my metal work here and also my artwork.

Jet JMD-15 Milling Machine Unboxing
First look at the new mill- drill.