Magna Mill Drill small shop home shop mill drill from Industrial machinery

This Mill Drill is a perfect machine tool for small work. Priced to move from Industrial Machinery call for your special web deal today. This video will demonstrate the features and functions of this great small mill drill. Call today 614-464-4376.

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old machinist trick
old machinist trick I use when I need to drill a big hole in some thin sheet metal. just fold the cloth a few times and power on at low speed.. it works everytime..

How to drill acrylic round hole with mill drill * Rundloch-Fräsbohrer
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Machining 101: How to drill a square hole at home without special tools.
Updated better method here: Make your own homemade broaching tool for "drilling" perfectly square holes in steel. In this case we are using it as a tool holder on a milling machine slotting attachment. Long term projects here:

How to cut a Radius
Problem-solving is what we do as machinists. I had two radii I needed to cut on a part, something I don't like to do. But I came up with a faster way to do this task that I want to share with you guys. I think you'll appreciate it, enjoy.