HR31 RB26

Skip forward to 1min. Motorvation, 43deg day, car wasn't running particularly well in the heat. Must be either a water or inlet temp triggered ignition retard. rb26, gt35

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Nissan Skyline HR31 Coupe - RB26 with T51r - burnout # 1
Glen's old coupe, with RB26 and T51r strapped to the side of it. Did a burnout for a magazine shoot. Not bad eh!

鈴鹿タイムアタック R31で2分21秒
鈴鹿サーキットフルコースでタイムアタックしました。 ドライバーは、R31HOUSEのお友達ドライバー井 尻選手(所属:ZEAL) オンボードカメラです。お楽しみに!

HR31 engine installed and running!!!
The car has spent 4 months at Rajab's workshop, and finally their work is done! After obtaining a permit to drive it from and to workshops etc I drove the car home all the way across Melbourne; Melbourne is one hell of a big city! You most likely can't begin to understand how happy I am right now :D

R31 House GTS-X
R31 tested in inline six shootout for Best Motoring, RB30D powered!