"Liquid Fire" to Metal Sword in minutes! - A History of Ancient Britain - Ep4 - Preview - BBC Two

More on this programme: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00z597g Neil Oliver experiments with traditional methods of making a Bronze Age sword just like in ancient times.

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Forging a Bronze-Age Sword
How to craft a replica of an Irish bronze-age shortsword. This was a course run by http://bronzeagefoundry.com/. Follow Ancient Recitations for extra content on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AncientRecitations

Samurai Swordmaking
Learn about samurai swordmaking in this video from the United Kingdom's National Museum of Arms and Armour, presented in conjunction with the Portland Art Museum's special exhibition "Samurai! Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection," on view October 5, 2013 - January 12, 2014. All rights reserved.

father's sword
making a custom sword. The blade is 1075 high carbon steel, hardened and double tempered. This particular blade was made by the stock removal process on a piece of steel that was forged into a flat plate by the steel mill. The bronze hilt components were made by the lost wax casting process and are sculptural quality silicon bronze. The sword is my version of the Father's sword from the 1982 movie Conan. I don't make copies of this sword for sale but do make other custom swords. More information is available at my website: www.bronzebyjeffreyjrobinson.com

World's Hardest Metal - Documentary Films
World's Hardest Metal - Documentary Films. The atoms of metallic substances are closely positioned to neighboring atoms in one of two common arrangements. The first arrangement is known as body-centered cubic. In this arrangement, each atom is positioned at the center of eight others. The other is known as face-centered cubic. In this arrangement, each atom is positioned in the center of six others. The ongoing arrangement of atoms in these structures forms a crystal. Some metals adopt both structures depending on the temperature. Read More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal