PT Cruiser

Timing belt diagnoses

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2001 PT CRUISER Badazz.
Modified PT Cruiser.

2004 PT Cruiser Limited Engine problems
This is a 2004 PT Cruiser. When ever the AC or Heat is blowing full power the engine surges and almost causes the engine to stall. This test was done with a multimeter hooked up to the battery. You can hear when ever the clutch for the AC kicks on it drops the idol down to almost a stall. It also does this when the heat is on but with less occurrence then when the AC is on. Plugs are new, wires are newer, new crank shaft position sensor. Vehicle has 119800mi on it. Could this be a alternator problem? Hooked up with out the car running the battery reads 12 volts. When running it holds steady at 14 volts. When running a load such as headlights, radio, defroster and front and rear wipers going the volts jump around from 14.4v - 13.6v. And when running the AC the engine runs really rough as displayed in the video.

03 PT Crusier Timing Belt Engine Replacement
$2,500 job.

PT Cruiser - How to pull check engine codes.
This is how to pull Chrysler PT Cruiser engine codes. 1. Put the key in the ignition. 2. Three slow back-and-forth, "quarter turns." 3. Codes will be displayed. 4. Look up code online. Mine didn't give a code although the check engine light was on!