4 Stroke Engine

Edit: I know Im spinning it backwards. There was an arrow that misled me when I took this video. This is an example of a 4 stroke(Otto Cycle) Heat Engine. Visible is the cylinder with surrounding water passages(cooling system routed to radiator) Valve train, which is control by the two cams attached to the smaller gears, and the crankshaft which is attached to the larger gear and is connected to the piston through connecting rods. If one pauses at the end, the Otto Cycle chalkboard work is visible, where the isothermal and adiabatic processes required to produce the net work are expressed. (Taken from Giancoli Ch. 20) The cycle is as such: a)the gasoline-air mixture flows into the cylinder as the piston moves down. b)the piston moves upward and compresses the gas c)the brief instant when firing of the spark plugignites the highly compressed gasoline-air mixture raising it to a high temperature d)the gases, now at high temperature expand against the piston(in the power stroke) e) the burned gases are pushed out to the Exhaust pipe; when the piston reaches to the top, the Exhaust valve opens, and the whole cycle repeats. a, b, d, and e are the four strokes of the cycle. There is a minor discrepancy in the mechanics of this particular demo; it's cranked the wrong way.

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Ridders 4 Stroke IC engine with glass cylinder
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OS FS-52 Four Stroke RC Glow Engine Reassembly Part 2
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