The RIGHT Way to Handle a Police Stop

Before asking "If you have nothing to hide, why refuse?" Read this. A challenge to anyone who thinks this is "bad advice." Find a law firm or defense attorney's website that advises you to consent to searches and answer questions. Just post the attorney's name or law firm in your comment. What's in the brown bag??  If you post anything suggesting violence against police, your comment will be deleted. If you want to post something thinking you're cute about Super Troopers, you'll be deleted. Before you comment, I suggesting reading AZ v Gant. If you want to tell how the cops in your area are badass and this would never work with them, just save it, it'll be deleted. Flex Your Rights originally produced this video. Please visit our channel at MORE INFO ON DEALING WITH POLICE ...... Know-Your-Rights DVDs: Official Facebook Page: Twitter: Get More Info: I'd suggest reading Arizona v. Gant before making any comments. **THIS IS NOT A VIDEO ON HOW TO BEAT A SPEEDING TICKET. IT IS HOW TO REFUSE A SEARCH.** In this video reenactment, some college students are stopped by a police officer. The driver exercises his constitutional rights and goes on about his way. Check out my other videos to see what could have happened if he waived his rights.

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The WRONG Way to Handle a Police Stop
Flex Your Rights originally produced this video. Please visit our channel at MORE INFO ON DEALING WITH POLICE ...... Know-Your-Rights DVDs: Official Facebook Page: Twitter: Get More Info: In this reenactment, some college students make some very bad decisions when dealing with a routine traffic stop. Notice how they waive all of their rights when dealing with the police officer. Where does it get them? Be sure to check out my other videos for the correct way to deal with a traffic stop. This video is created by and endorsed by the ACLU and other legal organizations.

Pulled Over by the Coolest COP EVER!!!
Want to Win my New R1: Lets Make 2017 Lit AF & Smash THE NoTiFiCATioNs BELL Like a BOSS I get pulled over by the police and he asks me to turn off my camera... T-Shirts: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Out riding around recording idiots on the road. Enjoy :D For anyone that reads the description my green bike is a 2009 zx6r and my black bike is a 2016 zero fxs Electric Supermoto. My Exhaust: Two Brothers My camera is a go pro hero 4 black. My suggestion for a beginner bike is a 300cc-500cc bike. Sub My Bro Turdbucket: Music Credits: Intro: California Dubstep by Caramusic Featured Music: Outro: Free Trap Beat 2015 "Shake Down" 128 Bpm(Free DL) by ALL4BEATZ is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. Want your music to be featured in my videos contact me on sound cloud (JoeGo101) If you want your bike car or truck to be featured on my channel Email me @ Other Business inquiries ONLY:

Boy Slides A Note On The Table – When The Policeman Reads It, He Jumps Out Of His Chair
Subscribe to our channel for more : Visit our website : Boy slides a note on the table – when the policeman reads it, he jumps out of his chair Back in April, police officer Eddie Benitez went to a restaurant in Lakeland, Florida to have breakfast. But little did he know that sitting at another table was a little boy with an important message for him. The boy was shy and didn't dare speak directly to officer Benitez, so he wrote him a message on his receipt instead. When officer Benitez read it, he jumped up out of his seat and went straight over to the boy and his mother. While nine-year-old Noah was eating breakfast with his mom that day, he saw police officer Eddie Benitez at a nearby table. The boy got nervous and didn't know what to do. He wanted to talk to officer, but he didn't know how to approach him. Noah's mother, Amanda Cantin, wondered why her son was so interested in the police officer. Then, Noah told her that he wanted to say something to say to the officer, but he was too shy. But soon, Noah got an idea. He had saved his birthday money and decided to use it to pay officer Benitez's bill. Noah's mom helped her son talk to a waiter, and soon they had officer Benitez's receipt in their hands. Noah wrote a message on it and ran up to officer Benitez and laid it on his table. When officer Benitez read what Noah wrote, he was instantly moved. The note said, "I want to be you when I grow up. Thank you for your service." Noah and Amanda saw officer Benitez look surprised as he read the message. A second later, he was at their table. Officer Benitez thanked his young admirer and asked to take a picture with him. "It meant everything. It meant that I'm supposed to wake up every morning and put on this uniform and go out there and do what I do. You know? It means that I need to keep trying to be a good example to all these young guys," officer Benitez later said. Noah has dreamed of becoming a police officer for the last four years. "I'm going to make the world a better place and capture the bad guys," he told Inside Edition. The entire Lakeland Police Department was so impressed by Noah's nice gesture that they posted a picture on their Facebook page to pay homage to him. Isn't it wonderful that Noah used his birthday money to thank Eddie for doing a good job! Please share this article if you also think that the police deserve more appreciation!

Officer, Am I Free to Go?
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