Beer run in a Ferrari

The long awaited Chicken Hill Project available here: We needed some beer. Hopped in the Ferrari F430 and went to get some. Then we hopped in the RR and got a ride to the bar. No drinking and driving here! Uncle Fingers is our Chauffeur for the night. LOL follow my twitter channel: Facebook page here:

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2011 Lexus ISF Nitrous Oxide System Install - Gearhead Garage!
got the Nitrous installed today - see the install pics here: i got it from here: If you think its dangerous or unsafe, please read their write up on the myths of NOS. It will be ok, trust me. check out and meet my good friends and installers!! They mainly do American Muscle but this time they worked on some Japanese muscle.....these guys do it all! call 916.481.CARS (2277) for all your OVER THE TOP custom car needs. Visit their youtube channel at As of the time of this upload, the ISF has alrady been on the Dyno! Video tomorrow. We ended up running a 100 shot and had significant gains! Thanks for watching! If you want to see it all installed, check out the video coming up next as i show the entire process. Don't forget to check out my website! Join the forum today and be part of one of the BIGGEST car audio & custom car websites on earth! More to come! Facebook Page here: Follow:

Starbucks Drive thru - First Demo 01 Tahoe 4 18s RF Amps!
went to starbucks to get something to drink and the guy working there recognized the Tahoe - he wanted a demo and i just happened to have redone my system so i was happy to do it :) Its Crazy LOUD and still twists the steering wheel....its going to get louder when my new subs arrive and i can get full potential out of the amps.

Amp Test Tuesday - Gravity 1500.1d Rated 500 watts RMS - Good Flea Market Power? (video 2)
Bid on this amp here: opening bid starts exactly what i paid for it. All proceeds to go right back to another amp for more testing! and i will give you guys a chance to win that one too! How to win this amp (contest over! nobody guessed!) ower-at-the-flea-market-undercover-500w-purchase-guess-the-power-output-win -it/ SMD Products Available at and many more online outlets! In this series of tests, we took it straight to the swap meet. I picked up 2 cheap amps for about $100 each. Brought them home and tested them. Next set of video's i will get some SERIOUS no name brands and test those too. Next up, the PG amp. Subscribe! ill have that video ready by next tuesday! Amp #1: Gravity 1500.1d Amp #2 Phoenix Gold rx500x1 both rated 500w RMS in the owners manuals. Don't forget to Subscribe Also, check out my other pages: Instagram: Facebook Page here: Follow:

Woofer VS Wall Socket (Fi BTL - Will it survive?)
gettin ready to recone my older BTL's to the new style and i figured i would TRY and take it out the fun way....lets just say it was only Attempted murder