Saab two stroke (2 stroke) head milling

How to properly relieve the Saab two stroke head for over sized pistons or to restore the correct "crush area" (Squish) in the combustion chamber.

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Saab Two Stroke Triple cylinder with bad crankshaft & head gasket
"Good" crankshaft....not so good! & leaking head gasket and water in Vintage Saab two stroke (2 stroke) 3 cylinder. bad rod cage on "Good" engine. Quick view of some much needed crankshaft upgrades coming soon.

Vintage Saab Two Stroke Engine with improper head Squish Part 2
This is the 2nd part of the video actually showing what was wrong with the head off this monte carlo rebuilt engine.

(2)- Two Stroke Piston Problems
Analizing the pistons for wear can tell you alot about your two stroke engine health.

Saab 96 1964 - two stroke project
Old clip. This car today: First start of the project car - still some issues to fix with carburettors but getting there...