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Mr. Okrasa: Emilio's 1500cc Pre-A Eng.

Classic VW BuGs Okrasa Dual Carb Engine w Abarth Muffler & 1951 Beetle 25hp Motor Start Follow up video to our Dual Carb AOkrasa Engine Build, this time with the Abarth Muffler! Also in this video, a fresh start 25hp Engine going into a Split Window 1951 Beetle.

Vw Cox/Coccinelle ovale - Oval Beetle - Ovali Käfer 1957 - Kever Ovaal - Gopro
Promenade en Cox ovale de 1957. Oval beetle - Ovali Käfer - Kever Ovaal

Classic VW BuGs Volkswagen Beetle 36hp Okrasa Dual Carb Motor Engine Build Here is a short video of a freshly rebuilt 1st time starting Okrasa 36hp Engine Build. This is for one of our 'Build-A-BuG' clients.