MK2 Golf Turbo Burnout

MK2 vw golf turbo burnout at DCI BBQ.

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Burnout EXTREM Golf II Speednation 2009
The best burnout ever on speednation (in 2009) at the end the car runs over 200km/h without "driving" see the training-video if you like:

Fastest VW Golf 2 Turbo ever Half Mile Acceleration 335km/h World Record!!!
RACE 1000 - World Fastest VW Golf Mk2 R33 turbo with 1300 HP - The fastest VW Golf in the world on the half mile - Speedmakers Vogtland Golf 2 R33 turbo 4motion with around 1300 HP. Hello and welcome to the Car Acceleration TV channel. Speedmakers Vogtland with Denny Wimmer runs the Golf MK2 with 335 kmh / 208 mph over the 800m - this is world record!!! Thats ultimate Sleeper car Speedmakers Vogtland Golf 2 R33 turbo 4motion with around 1300 HP Tuning i filmed during the Race 1000 Battle Round 1 2017 Half-mile Cup on Magdeburg-Cochstedt Airport. Enjoy fastest golf in the world with acceleration & sound!!! ► SUBSCRIBE ► FACEBOOK Related Videos: Best VW VR6 turbo SOUND Compilation GOLF 1 2 3 VW GOLF VR6 HELL turbo EXTREME FAST ACCELERATION VW Golf MK 2 VR6 turbo 900 HP Brutal Acceleration 0-250 If you like this video, please visit my youtube car channel for best VW turbo, Biturbo and Twinturbo sounds, drive & grip, acceleration 0-60 0-100 and top speed videos, other VW review videos e.c. VW Golf Boba Motoring 16v vampire bi-turbo with 1000 hp and so on.

VR6 Big Fat burn out!!
Just smoking the tyres for real..

Crazy guy does burnout in front of cops on his GSXR1000 STREET BIKE. It's like a cops vs. bike video except he's chasing the cops We are an automotive YouTube Channel and brand based out Nashville TN. We do all things automotive and strive to create the most unique and engaging content for our followers. *******Thanks to Full Octane Garage for the clip from the street of the same burnout.******** Their channel is: 2.7 Million views! WOW THANKS GUYS. If only it could get that many here... who knows! My buddy was on his GSXR 1000 street bike and decides to rip a huge burnout leaving the cars and coffee car show here in Nashville. We filmed from our Corvette Z06 and tried to leave him some good distance, but also keep up too. He did it literally seconds after a cop car passes by. He has an extended swing arm on his street bike and is notorious for ripping some mean burnouts leaving car shows. Song is Vibe with Me by Joakim Karud Something New now on Spotify & iTunes: Almost Original (feat Kasey Andre) out on Spotify & Contact: Music by Joakim Karud The "Oh my God" is from the He needs some Milk video.