Chrysler 300m problems**READ DESCRIPTION**

**UPDATE** As of dec.27.2010 this car is no longer on the road,The tranny went out and the car was wrecked, electrical problems, car was parted out, had like 67,000 miles on it.

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Chrysler 300M "Problem Child" -Part 1
Make some popcorn. Today Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics takes a trip to help out Matt of Matt'sMotorz on YouTube: Matt owns a 2000 Chrysler 300M which has been acting up: If we can't get to the bottom of this, it's headed for the crusher. Let's go!

Chrysler 300 3.5 camshaft sensor location and replacement
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Chrysler 300M Engine Trouble
2001 Chrysler 300M Engine sounds, any help or ideas?

check and clear your check engine light
If you own a Dodge or Chrysler and you have a check engine light on, here's how you can find out what that means and how to reset it. But don't forget to fix the problem....resetting the light does not fix the problem.