Chrysler 300m problems**READ DESCRIPTION**

**UPDATE** As of dec.27.2010 this car is no longer on the road,The tranny went out and the car was wrecked, electrical problems, car was parted out, had like 67,000 miles on it.

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2003 Chrysler 300M Flickering Dash Lights
*First off, sorry for my son crying at the beginning of the video* The car does this intermittently. It started about 9 months ago. Have had it at the dealership and other shops multiple times. Had the alternator replaced, greased the headlight switch connector, reflashed the computer and it still continues. Also replaced 3 camshaft position sneosr, one crankshaft sensor and a battery- all in less than a year and a half. If this were a night video, it would show that the exterior lights are flickering as well. Any suggestions?

Dodge and Chrystler over heating motor 3.5 Liter
Over heating problem with the 3.5 liter. Chrysler, dodge, 300, 300m, charger, challenger, intrepid, concord, models. Over heating around town but not on the highway. Water pump, temp sensor are good.

2003 Chrysler 300m will not start after intermittent electrical issues 2
Tried starting my car this morning after driving it to drop off my son at daycare and got in the car, relays were clicking, would not crank. After this video, popped the hood, hit the positive jumpper terminal and it started up. I also visually looked at the posts on the battery, cannot see that they are not making good contact

CHRYSLER 300M (Tuning) vs BMW 535i (E34)
CHRYSLER 300M (Tuning) vs BMW 535i (E34) (Tuning)