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Suzuki G13A engine with timing chain

1994 Suzuki G13A engine - modified camshaft drive with timing chain.


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Ignition Timing on a Suzuki Samurai
This video shows how to check and adjust ignition timing on a 1987 Suzuki Samurai 1.3L 4 cylinder engine.

Geo/Suzuki 1.3L Engine - Hovercraft conversion
This is the engine that I removed from a 1999 Suzuki Swift with 113,000 miles. Rated at 75-79 hp at 5400 rpm. Overall, the engine was in great shape, and just needed some new gaskets, timing belt, and water pump. The engine is exceptionally quiet and well balanced. All extraneous wires have been removed from the harness, which I'll tidy up once I get the instrument cluster wired. The cogged belt reduction drive is not engaged in this video, but is about a 2:1 reduction. The engine will swing a 60" wooden prop. Further details and pictures under the 'Rip Tide Cruiser' section at www.lonestarhovercraft.com

Adjusting valves 1.3L 8V Suzuki Samurai (1985-1995)
Video covers adjusting valves on the Suzuki Samurai 1.3 8 valve engine. Performance camshaft was used so the adjustment value is .008"

G16A Sierra - first startup
This is a carby G16A/G13BA hybrid (Vitara/Baleno G16 bottom end with the G13BA head). This is the first time I started her. Was a little unsure whether the dizzy was out by a tooth which is why I was rotating it to feel for a smoother idle. Now that she's running will get the timing light onto her to set it correctly. EDIT: Carb needs a rebuild - hence why she sounds like she's got a lumpy cam lol :P

changement courroies accessoires jimny, how to change belt accessory

95 Suzuki Sierra G13BA timing
Just thought I'd upload this vid to help anyone having trouble timing their engine, the timing on these engines is "backwards" compared to most engines in that when all the marks are straight up, the distributor should be at #4 not #1. I just replaced the head gasket which is why I have to set the timing again.

Suzuki G10 1L Engine cold start, Generator project
I'm just test firing the engine I had to build up the engine from spare parts a valve was blown, water pump gone, timing belt etc. The Suzuki engine is being used for a homemade generator 12v 120v, I want to build a super quiet generator for job sites where no electricity is available. I have many portable generator but they are very loud and neighbors do not like the noise I cannot run them late at night without complaints.

1993 Geo Metro engine vibration
Just checked all the motor mounts and they look good. Timing appears to be out (was reading 20 degrees - might be off a tooth on my timing belt). Fresh engine rebuild with a 10 degree BTDC camshaft from 3-tech.

Suzuki G16A with 40 DCOM
Intake manifold Tak Custom by Bronciarte

Fitting new valve guide seals without removing the cylinder head Suzuki Vitara
This is how you can remove and replace valve guide seals with the head still on the engine. Normally you have to have the head off so you can fit the valve spring compressor on to the head of the valve. I had heard of this method but never tried or seen it done before. The only special tool is a piece of string. Watch the video and see the "Essex Red Neck" at work :-)

Geo Metro/Suzuki aircraft engine
If you are interested in acquiring this engine, please contact me at ewander@comcast.net.

Samurai @ Ponce Dyno Tune (123 whp)
Samurai 1.3L 8 Valve SOHC turbo with Snigle DHLA 40 Weber

Timing Belt - the Forgotten Belt (by Dayco)
Timing Belt - the Forgotten Belt. This video stresses the importance of checking and following the manufacturers recommended replacement interval for the timing belt. Along with recommendations to replace the "hardware" associated with the Timing Belt (Tensioner, Water Pump, and Idler Pulleys) at the same time the Timing Belt is being replaced. To find out more information on our Timing Belt, Timing Belt Kit, Water Pump Kit, and Timing Component Kit, visit www.daycoproducts.com

head gasket sj.wmv
Yeah, I look like a douch bag. If you dont like it switch over. G13a engine, much abused and neglected, now its had it. I'm replacing it rather than fixing the HG, its done I dont know how many miles, had 17 previous owners and never been looked after much.

1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara V6 startup after timing job
*UPDATE* After about 9000km from this chain job, the engine has started to develop yet again more chain slap noise. Also, my bank #1 chain is making a buzzing noise over 3000rpm. The water pump that came with the kit has also failed prematurely. I opted for the cheap ebay chain kit, and it seems like I made the wrong choice. Don't make the same mistake I did! The timing chain job is $1000+ at regular shops, so don't cheap out on parts. Startup condition of my Suzuki H25 engine after new timing chain + guides + tensioners + belts + waterpump + 5W20 Synthetic. Engine has 228,000km's and has never been rebuilt. The main tensioner has been changed by the previous owner. The engine recieved 4000-5000km oil changes, but as proven by many GV owners, this is not good enough. 3000km oil changes are recommended if you want to make the tensioner(s) last. Before the job, the engine had a light chain slap noise due to the #1 chain tensioner failing once again. I acted quickly and replaced every single part related to the chain drive system. DO NOT WAIT FOR IT TO GET WORSE. The H25 / H27 are interference engines. Chain stretch can wear down your sprockets and cam gears, and when it's bad enough to jump a tooth it's game over. - I aimed the camera at different parts of the engine to demonstrate the different noises. - Second part of the video shows the oil spray activity under the cam covers. The gushing noise is the actual oil being splashed around under the cam covers. Let me know if this spray seems insufficient!

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