SR20DET S13 701WHP PTE6262 39-40PSI(FRP)

Dyno day... 701 whp at 40 pounds .THANKS TO JORGE (FRP)

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S13 SR20 240sx w/ GT28 @ 16psi
The story of my 240sx from a s13 SR20 with blown T28 @ 12-14psi, bad head, and no tune. To a GT28RS @16psi with Rebuilt Head, AEM EMS tune. Made 320whp on the Dyno with stock cams. Tuned by BRE Motorsports in Concord NC.

SR20DET S13 240sx
Drift ready street car, went to take some photos in rush hour traffic time, nothing crazy.

Lada 2104 SR20DET 400Ps
How to turn your Lada into a S300 missile (Tutorial)!!!

SR20DET NVCS gone bad
These are the sounds a badly worn NVCS sprocked is making in a fully build Nissan SR20DET Black Top engine. NVCS sprocket had aprox 170.000km on it when it started to go from fairly unnoticable to plain bad during a course of about 1500km. It is happening because the rubber seals inside it starts to fail. You could buy a new sprocket which could last next 150.000km, or 15.000km (and the sound is back). There are some reports of people succesfully replacing the rubber seals for cheap fix tho. Even with the sounds the performance of the engine remained the same. NVCS stands for Nissan Variable Cam System. I hope this video will help people with similar problems identify the weird sounds our engines are making from time to time. Other similar sounds may be produced by bad lifters, main bearings, timing chain and the solenoid activating the NVCS. You will find a lot more information about these issues in various forums around the internet. Sorry about the poor mobile phone video quality.