1988 Ford Escort Eclipse Advert

Ford Advert Commercial

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Old Top Gear 1990 - Ford Escort
Old Top Gear from 1990. Jeremy Clarkson checks out the new Ford Escort, taken from season 13 episode 10.

Ford Escort Harrier 1980 TV Advert
TV advert for the launch of The Escort Harrier. Mechanically based on a 1600 Sport but with trim from the RS. The Harrier was a celebration model made by Ford to commemorate their winning the 1979 World Rally Championship. I got the original VHS cassette from FMC back in the 1980's when I owned a Harrier. It sat in a cupboard for nearly 30 years before I transferred it to DVD. Bet not many of you Escort people even knew this existed.

In the early '90s Ford were selling the Escort LX, whether diesel or petrol, hatchback, saloon or estate for one price. Can anyone remember if this was ever repeated by any car maker since?

1980's Ford Escort Advert (circa 1986)
UK advert of the MK4 Ford escort