Mazda 6 Aero Turbine vs Racing Beat exhaust

I got Aero turbine 2540i mufflers and loved them, but I decided they were just a tad to loud for my liking. I installed Racing Beat mufflers and love them as well. I want to sell the Aero turbines though!!!! e mail me

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mazda 6 tanabe exhaust
this is my 06 mazda 6 V6 tanbe Exhaust

2014 mazda 6 exhaust flowmaster w/resonator delete
2014 Mazda 6 Exhaust with series 10 ss flowmaster mufler and resonator delete cold start then rev.

Mazda 6 3.0L V6 muffler delete
This is my 2004 Mazda 6 with the 3.0L V6 engine. I had the mufflers taken off at the "Y" pipe and had straight pipes made from there back so I still have my cat and resonator.. also has a cold air intake sorry about the quaility its from my phone : / i plan on getting a better one soon not using my phone

Aero-Turbine 2540i muffler on 1990 Cavalier 3.1l V6 - 12-inch resonator added
This is an Aero-Turbine 2540i muffler that I just had installed on my 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier with a 3.1l V6 engine. The car now has a 12-inch resonator installed to help out the almost-straight-through muffler, as it was pretty raspy and just too loud by itself. There is no catalytic converter, either. The resonator has tamed it quite a bit, the raspiness is now gone, and it isn't get-pulled-over-instantly loud anymore. Still has a great tone, nice rumble, but the cops shouldn't be bothering me like they surely would have without the resonator. edit 2013-04-17 I see they're still around, and this same muffler is still available.