Miata in the rain at Sebring

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425lb deadlift

360lb front squat at CrossFit Thoroughbreds
CrossFit Thoroughbreds 11495 S. Cleveland Ave. Fort Myers, FL, 33907 239-851-3940

Spec Miata crash in the rain - Road Atlanta SCCA SECS race, May 2014
I was on a roll - shaved 1.7 seconds off of my previous best lap time from March. Got down to a 1:48.2 thanks to OPMs awesome suspension setup my car desperately needed (lowered it ~1"). For the first time ever, I felt comfortable in my car...and then the rain came. This was my first race in the rain. I get "tired" the first quarter lap. What was it that someone said, easy on the throttle and stay off the main racing line?? Doggone it, I forgot to save my Traqmate data as well, so nothing to review. All things considered, I got lucky with this one. At least I got my first crash out of the way.

Miata rain sliding
just gettin her sideways a lil bit on my way home from work in the rain.