Rare Y- Block in a '31 Merc

Rare Aluminum Heads on a Y Block paired with a rare '31 Canadian Merc

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Hilborn injected Y Block start-up
SBC hilborn injector adapted to a 333 cu in Ford Y Block 11.5 compression on E-85

1957 Y-Block Start Up in my 1928 Ford Roadster Hotrod
Starting up the 'ole girl for the first time in many years. She actually ran really well for her age.

Y-Block Tri-power
My Dads' 272 Ford, which he has rebuilt with new cam, Weiand triple intake and 3 94's. The engine wasn't bolted down at all on the stand, so it couldn't rev too hard as it tipped a lot. Still needs headers and a later distributor with mechanical advance. Will be hooked to a 4-speed toplader.

Eaton Balancing's Mercury Y block Wins Vintage Class
http://www.hotrod.com/articles/oddball-vintage-engines-engine-masters-2016/ AMSOIL Engine Masters welcomes these castoff motors with open arms in its vintage class (introduced last year) and competitors were quick to respond with a plethora of wild combinations infused with new life and horsepower.