Ma Plymouth Valiant de 1969

Petit tour d'horizon de ma Plymouth Valiant de 1969 I had to change the song.Now, the song is from Youtube's Audio Swap : 4th Of July (Instrumental) (The Brightwings) Well now,we can't hear anymore the sound of the engine of my car LOL XD . Thanks to WMG ;)

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1972 Plymouth Valiant twin turbo update and drive
Update on the turbo valiant project 04/11/15

plymouth valiant 408 stroker burnout
mopar 408 stroker

1972 Plymouth Valiant Scamp 318 v8 2-Door
'72 Mopar muscle car. 318ci v8 4bbl, porter valves, dual plane intake manifold. Headman headers with dual flownaster Exhausts. Racing 904 3-speed auto, 7 1/4 with suregrip in the back.

Great Sounding V8 Plymouth Superbird "Petty Replica"
Whilst filming the Exhaust pipe, the owner revved the engine, it was unbelievably loud, ears were ringing afterwards :)