Ma Plymouth Valiant de 1969

Petit tour d'horizon de ma Plymouth Valiant de 1969 I had to change the song.Now, the song is from Youtube's Audio Swap : 4th Of July (Instrumental) (The Brightwings) Well now,we can't hear anymore the sound of the engine of my car LOL XD . Thanks to WMG ;)

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1969 Valiant.

Start: $400 - Finish: Mean Green MOPAR: Violent Valiant - /BIG MUSCLE
The Plymouth Valiant was never meant to be a muscle car. It was never meant to be fast, overly attractive or go around corners. Loved by grandparents and college professors alike, the Valiant was the go-to car for those who wanted smooth reliable transport. Owner Shannon Hudson bought this Valiant for $400.00 and after 20 years of ownership and a few different versions, built it into one of the coolest MOPAR A Bodies we've ever seen. Owner: • Shannon Hudson

1969 Plymouth Valiant Signet 4 door, with the 225 Slant 6
My newest car, traded the blue willys, red parts jeep, bantam trailer, and my jeep parts for it. These always remind me of the movie Duel. If youve never seen it, Its on youtube.

1969 Plymouth Valiant walkaround
My car. I think I went over everything in the video. I'll do a driving vid tomorrow. Pretty basic old Plymouth, not much history to it.Lived in the Raleigh area since it was sold originally to a local, who passed it on to a relative that decided it was the runt of the litter and put it up for sale. I wouldn't classify it as a survivor, but it might require the designation of semi survivor. It of course has no appreciable value, and I doubt I could get $1,000 for it as it sits. Numbers matching 225/904, original color, new tires, Exhaust, windshield, and brake system. It has a new-ish intake/manifold that was pulled off a 225 with 53,000 original miles, that was pulled from a 1963 Plymouth Belvedere. Very solid body, zero rust. Only rust spots are surface spots. Specs: Code Description E24 225 1 Barrel 6 Cyllinder D31 Light Duty 904 Automatic Transmission TorqueFlite VL41 V = Plymouth Valiant / Duster L = Low 41 = 4 Door Sedan B9B B = 225 145HP 1-1BBL 6 CYL 9 = 1969 B = Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI, USA 302361 Sequence Number '302361' T3 Paint Code: Unknown At This Time T3 Trim Grade/Style/Color T = Taxi 3 = Cloth and Vinyl Split Bench w/ Center Armrest = Unknown D1X Upper Door Frame: Unknown At This Time 220 Date Built: 2 / 20 / 1969 137963 Order Number: 137963 X9 Unknown At This Time A04 Basic (Radio) Group A89 200 Decour Group G15 Tinted Windshield Only G33 Left Hand Outside Mirror - Manual / Chrome J25 3 Speed Variable Wipers M33 Body Side Moldings R11 Music Master Radio AM END End of Codes