Ma Plymouth Valiant de 1969

Petit tour d'horizon de ma Plymouth Valiant de 1969 I had to change the song.Now, the song is from Youtube's Audio Swap : 4th Of July (Instrumental) (The Brightwings) Well now,we can't hear anymore the sound of the engine of my car LOL XD . Thanks to WMG ;)

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1969 Plymouth Valiant Features

1969 Plymouth Valiant In New Paint
Fresh Plymouth Alpine White. One of the last steps we had left in the old Valiant's restoration. Car has had an engine transplant, ditching the stock 225 Slant Six for a beefier 318. That was followed up by panel patching and then filling and fixing dents. Sprayed a fresh coat of primer and white paint and then assembly. Only a few small things left to do, its 90-95% finished.

Plymouth Valiant V8 burnout MUST SEE!!!!
Plymout Valiant Signet '68 V8 360ci Gummen in de Mookhoek!!!

68 Plymouth Valiant Winner
68 Plymouth Valiant Winner