1966 Chevy Corvair Convertible

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The Corvair Corsa was a two-year model, and the '66 was the final year. The Corvair 500 was followed by the Corvair Monza and the Corsa at the top, available only in a hardtop coupe and a convertible coupe. Thanks to the illustrious activist Ralph Nader who slammed the Corvair in his little book, " Unsafe at Any Speed ", the Corvair suffered bad press resulting in a damaged reputation from which it never recovered. In addition, competition from the sister, Chevy II, cut the sales of this rear engine, air cooled Corvair by half to just over 100,000 units. The Corsa hardtop coupe accounted for 7,330 units and the convertible coupe like this one had 3,142 units produced. The hardtop cost around $ 2,500 and the convertible around $ 2,660. The Monza coupe was the most popular model, selling 37,605 units selling at around $ 2,350. The Chevy Division sensed that the Corvair was failing and decided to drop the Corsa and its turbo engine after '66. Engines for the 500 and the Monza are flat sixes with 164 cubes producing 95 - 110 horses. The engines are called flat because they literally are laid flat in the rear compartment where cargo would have normally been stored. The Corsa engine was a flat turbo six also with 164 cubes and anywhere between 140 - 180 horses, enough to propel this 2,485 lb. car. The repaint of the Madeira Maroon paint is excellent. Notice the Chevy wire wheels and the super clean rear air cooled engine. The Chevy Corvair - a visionary model that should have been legendary.

Corvair Input Shaft Seal/Clutch Replacement.
Replacing the input shaft seal and clutch in a corvair.

1965 Corvair Corsa Convertible 4 speed Turbocharger Original Unrestored Car
Nice clean original Corvair. Picked it up for one of the car guys I know. It is NOT FOR SALE. But I wanted to share this one for sure. Many car guys have not seen one, some don't even know they did these with a turbo. I have owned several Corvairs in year past, but this is the first running, working, second series Corvairs that I have had the chance to get my hands on. The 1965 to 1969 Corvairs had fully independent suspension making them a fantastic handling car. Nadder had no clue how to drive--- True the first series Corvair had swing axle rear, just like the VW beetles had. But second series had true independent rear just like Corvette... Yep, there, I said it.. Enjoy!

1966 Corvair Convertible
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