mercedes 300 tdt superturbo om 606

mynä 8mm 224cc

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Mercedes 300 Superturbo drifting
Mercedes 300 Tdt Superturbo having some fun at Kemora Racetrack

Mercedes Benz 190D Super Turbo BurnOut
700Hp & 1250Nm, OM606 hightly modified 3.0 diesel motor. Holset HX52Pro, Boost 3.4bar, Mynä 8mm pump. Mercedes 722.3 hightly modified automatic transmission. Season 2012 Video

Renault Kangoo OM606 turbo diesel
The Andersson Brothers making a first test run of their Renault Kangoo with super charged Mercedes OM606 turbo-diesel. 400-500 hp is slightly more than the original 1.5 L diesel DCI engine. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Please note: I never thought it would be necessary to mention this, but I was unfortunately (again) proven to be wrong. This footage is copyrighted. I (Linus Nilsson) is the owner of the rights, and you have no rights what so ever to download/copy this to publish in your name. If you represent a major TV production company you should really ask yourself if it is right to take others work to profit from it. If you are interested in using any of this material, contact me here on youtube or through my website Some already have. Some have shamelessly used this material without.

Legendary Diesel Mercedes W123 + SCANIA turbine @ Eastern European Drift Championship
Teemu Peltola With : Legendary Mercedes W123 wagon -81 2012 setup. Approx 600hp & 1000Nm with NO Engine 3.0 Litre, 24 Valve, OM606 -98 Mercedes turbodiesel Engine. Custom Exhaust Manifold Compressor -- Eaton MP90. Holset HX52 modified by LSD-turbo. Diesel pump by Mynädiesel (picture below) Self made Intercooler -- Model Large Oil cooler Water injection -- DevilsOwn alcohol injection kit Radiator moved to the trunk. BIGEM custom adjusted coilovers. Rollcage by TS-mekan Rear & Front Axles from Toyota Aristo Custom made steering made from Mercedes, Volvo, Toyota and custom parts to give a steering angle of 62 degrees. Gearbox, Modified Automatic Mercedes AMG E55 Gearbox Rear & Front Axles from Toyota Aristo Interior Stock dashboard with gauges for oil pressure etc. Hydraulic handbrake Aluminium fuel tank Aluminium Air intake & Cooler Box Water tank!