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C4500 Tow Truck with EFI Live and DSP5 Switch (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Don't forget to subscribe to this channel. Like us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Longhorn-Fab-Shop/148556975177038 Check out our website of all Duramax parts: http://www.longhornfabshop.com/ 2005 Chevy C4500 4x4 Tow Truck just came through the shop for custom Longhorn Fab Shop EFI Live tuning and a DSP5 Switch. With some custom modifications to allow for it (ECU connectors are not the same as a light duty truck so please do not attempt this on your own!), the truck rolled out with some one-of-a kind tuning! The only roll back we know of that's sporting RACE - STOCK - TOWING WITH turbo BRAKE - TOWING/MILEAGE - 2000 RPM HIGH IDLE. It is all business with a little bit of play! Normally these trucks come with a high idle, this truck had its cruise control completely dismantled (which is how you would normally engage the high idle) so we opted to tune it in with EFI Live with the added benefits of 4 other tunes. This allowed the driver better use of the hydraulics used on this truck and quicker vehicle recoveries. Also, the race tune allows him to enter the highway from the shoulder at a much higher speed to decrease the danger to him and other drivers. An underpowered vehicle is just as dangerous as a vehicle that cannot brake. Custom EFI Live tuning by Longhorn Fab Shop. Call or email anytime, see site for details www.LonghornFabShop.com

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