12-23-12 Dons Mack truck turbo Junkyard 6.0 WS6

here we are out driving the fireturd making a peak of 13psi, running good! mack truck turbo seems happy and the car is spinning em off from a roll. hopefully this and some other cars on the Dyno early january

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7-1-13 How to use MSD6010 software explanation and whatnot
how to read use and setup the msd6010 software for LS engines let me know if you have questions

12-22-12 dons turbo ws6
Out today on 10 psi tire fryer! More to come!

11-1-12 hurt my Fairmont haha
Pushed it to failure today another surprise update later with what it was, enjoy the drive home and comment on what you think it was!

Big Dons Junkyard 6.0 swapped 88 GT 5.0 first dyno
just got the driveshaft and everything together, don brought the car up, first pull 25deg timing was 352rwhp 2nd pull 28deg was 370rwhp. junkyard 6.0, 75 dollar used heads, g8 stock pushrods from my car, 224x224 cam, 351 swap headers with lsx flanges, th400, jegs Nitrous converter. stock rear with 4.10s car will get a big shot of Nitrous and 3.55s for the track