12-23-12 Dons Mack truck turbo Junkyard 6.0 WS6

here we are out driving the fireturd making a peak of 13psi, running good! mack truck turbo seems happy and the car is spinning em off from a roll. hopefully this and some other cars on the Dyno early january

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8-23-13 racing the fireturd
we figured out why this car was so slow! this was friday nights pass, and saturday we tore it down and checked the cam timing, it was off two teeth, retarded! we are going to race it again sunday to see if it does better, wich there was obviously a huge difference after we fixed the cam timing! haha

5-24-13 junkyard 6.0 and 80e for my next project
any guesses! i have a car on the way, nad here is an iron headed beast we pulled apart to put heads and possibly a cam in it before dropping it in my new project

8-6-10 coreys turbo silverado project walk around and drive
coreys 2010 silverado truck has 600miles on it, we built a turbo kit for it in a weekend with a master power t76, threw in 2x255 pumps in the tank, 80lb injectors, big front mount Intercooler, 3.5 inch Exhaust, 60mm wastegate, bought a used th400 out of a 1976 pickup truck, valvebody and converter, 4000 stall, 10psi, here goes...

11-20-11 turbo truck incar pass
first pass with the traction bars and the truck rips the mounts, still goes 11.40 at 119mph