mk1/mk2 escorts go crazy to the Prodigy

2nd video...escorts mainly, capris etc lots of sideways action, the odd flamethrower and a lot of fun! 5 mins of action!!!

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5th vid of escorts etc lots of action with prodigy theme
5th vid, usual things, doughnuts, drifting, burnouts etc etc etc mk1/2 escorts, cossies and alike... enjoy

Ford Escort Mk1 Compilation
So since the Sierra Cosworth Compilation went down well with you guys I've worked on this over the past week, 13 minutes of pure Mk1 Escorts leaving sideways, doing burnouts and accelerating out of car meets! Enjoy and don't forget to hit that subscribe button!! You can also find me on... Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

Old School Fun... Escorts going sideways
4th vid.. usual stuff, escorts/capri's etc going sideways n doing doughnuts lol

Classic Fords leaving a Car Meet June '14
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