Police Radar Laser Jammer in C5 Corvette vs Police


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Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers Review By Need For Speed

Laser Jammer Laws: USA & Canada
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K40 RL360i radar detector and laser jammers installed in my Subaru BRZ
Eric at Custom Installations and Performance in Greenwich, CT really went above and beyond installing the K40 RL360i system in my car. The quality of his work is perfect and everyone I show the system to can't believe it wasn't done at the Subaru factory, it looks that good!! Without a doubt I would recommend him to anyone considering having anything done to your car because he will do it right and do it the best. If you are located anywhere in the northeast contact him for your car needs - Eric@carinstallations.com / www.carinstallations.com I put over 5,000 miles on my car in the past month alone and have enjoyed every mile. My Valentine 1 used to constantly go off for everything from other cars using active cruise control, store front doors, road signs, and of course police. Now with the K40 I can enjoy a quiet drive and when the system goes off I know to take action because I'm being hit by radar or laser from a police officer. I'm going to do a follow up video and review of the product since I've definitely put it to the test and I can't wait to shoot that video soon :) K40, thank you for making an incredible system and standing behind your product with a ticket free guarantee. I have so much respect for your company and products now that I've had the opportunity to use them first hand.

K40 Laser Jammer on Ferrari 550
2006 K40 laser jammer on Ferrari......No Jam, Punch through at 900ft and closing.....don't buy K40!