10 Second B13 Nissan Sentra SE-R SR20VE-T Powered

Here is a vid of my second 10 second pass at Summit Motorsports Park during the SR2012 National Convention. This run was a 10.6@132mph missing 3rd gear and just cruising to the end and letting off before the finish as well. My first pass was a 10.5@149.2 mph. I had a much better launch on this pass than the first and quick shift to 2nd gear. My 330 ft on this pass alone was almost 1/2 second quicker than my first pass. Clip popped off the shifter cable on the trans bracket causing the missed gear. Also did another 10.6 pass after letting off at 900ft. Ill be back out with some changes to suspension, turbo and so on in search of that 9 second pass at over 160mph

More Videos...

Rob's 10 sec Street Sentra
1992 Nissan Sentra w/ SR20VE+T setup. Full Street car.

SR20VET B13 Sentra SE-R on only 14psi 6265 precision turbo
A little fun in the SE-R

Ashtonsser and Mazworks facing off at Dragway42.

Fred Casey's 10 second run - B13 Nissan Sentra SR20DET
This is a 10 second SR20DET powered B13 Nissan Sentra owned by Fred Casey.