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Stacking snow with a Boss V blade

Things were just right to stack this snow over 12' tall with a Boss V and a Ford F350/ V10


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Stacking snow with the 5500 and a Boss 10' V
A video of Scott helping me plow my driveway. 2005 GMC Topkick 5500 with a Boss 10' V. He was carrying and stacking snow beside the shop.

Hecht Trailers Boss Plow
Boss Snow Plows, Driven To Be The Best

Loader and Grader working together
Here is a shot of a grader running along side a loader filling the bucket with snow

Plowing in a 99 Dodge Cummins Diesel with BOSS 9'2" V plow
This is a minimally edited video of some Commercial Snow Removal in Central Minnesota. Since we left this lot for last it held the total accumulation of the 2009/2010 Christmas storm for Central Minnesota. I'm plowing in my 99 Dodge Dually Diesel 5sp quadcab Longbox. Plow is a 2008 BOSS V-XT 9'2". This was a moderately wet and heavy 6-8"

F350 & 2500HD plowing
EDIT- For those of you who insist on posting comments about how this method is inefficient or whatever else along those lines, and that you haven't read any of our responses to similar comments, pay attention. They were only doing this for the video. This was the end of our route, it is our local family church on a Thursday. No services, so we pulled in there to shoot this video only. Not trying to show off any skills or anything, so everyone just relax. 2500HD with Boss 9'2" and F350 with Boss 9'2" + wings (11' total) pushing some snow at our church.

Plowing and Stacking
Plowing and stacking snow in parking lots

fluid film on snowplow
Testing Fluid Film on my snowplow.

Snow Plowing With Boss superduty
This is my 2000 GMC dump with a 8'6" superduty Boss plow. There is about 6 inchs of snow on the ground.

Plowing snow in a Chevy Duramax with Boss V-plow
Cleaning up after 10" of heavy wet snow with 2007 Duramax and Boss 8'2" V-Plow

Boss plow at work
Just working with my Boss plow,Cold day in South Porcupine/Timmins Ontario.Slow holding camera

Boss plow 8.2 Power V on a Dodge Cummins 24valve
listen to the cummins power on the last push up the pile

How to Perform Routine Maintenance on your BOSS Straight Blade Plow
To get the most out of your BOSS snow plow, make sure you are performing routine maintenance procedures. Use this video as a guide the next time you go out to inspect your plow. Visit: www.bossplow.com

Snowplow Full Moldboard Trip Demonstration
Obstructions and obstacles are a part of snow plowing. They come in all sizes and shapes, from manhole covers and curbs to frozen snow banks and everything in between. Hitting something covered by snow is almost inevitable. This reality of snow removal requires snow plow manufacturers to design and build in features that protect the truck and the plow from damage. By definition, Blade tripping is the rotational movement of an element of the snowplow blade system in reaction to impacting an obstacle. Blade tripping is typically offset by some type of spring mechanism. The purpose of Blade Tripping is to protect the snow plow and vehicle from excessive forces which might result in damage to the snow plow or truck. At slower vehicles speeds, the tripping action may be less pronounced, but the inertia of the vehicle will often allow the snow plow to clear the obstacle anyway -- either way, the vehicle and the plow are protected from damage. Two things reduce the energy of the impact to the vehicle and operator and snow removal equipment, the tripping mechanism and pressure relief valves. Pressure relief valves utilize hydraulic cylinders which are able to absorb some of the energy produced by the impact. Working in tandem, the valves and the tripping mechanisms provide protection during the snow removal process. Understanding the importance of protecting valuable snow removal equipment, BOSS Snowplows has outfitted its plows with various tripping capabilities. Some of our products have tripping moldboards, in which our entire moldboard structure rotates to provide the protection. Other straight blade models feature Tripping Cutting edges, in which just the cutting edges trip. BOSS V-plows are designed with Full Moldboard Tripping. They are designed to trip in any position that a plow operator will use them in, including the "V", "straight" and "scoop" positions -- in other words, in any position. The attached video, recently filmed with professional, high-speed cameras gives you an excellent view of the BOSS V-plow tripping moldboard tripping over obstacles at various speeds. Notice how the impact is absorbed before it gets to the vehicle and driver? Even at higher speeds, those typically used by snow plow drivers, the driver's body is impacted very little. Visit: www.bossplow.com

Boss 9'2 VXT
Boss 9'2 VXT on a 2006 Silverado 2500HD. Just screwing around. The truck is set up for a 8' Boss Superduty trip-edge. Cell phone quality.

snow plow truck
I found this and thought it was interesting.A look at what plow drivers do in the winter

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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