GTO vs Corvette , then both get walked sti owns

chevy c6 corvette vs Pontiac GTO vs Subaru WrX sti in SA both get spanking from EL senor de KC

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454 LSx GTO, ported & sprayed Cobra, procharged Corvette

GTO vs Mustang vs Corvette
Just having a bit of fun out on the interstate... in Mexico.

corvette ls3 vs GTO vs M3
corvette: stock, GTO: heads, cams, full Exhaust, E90 M3: DCT, cat back Exhaust touched by the hand of god...dig race 1st, 30 roll start at 4:00

Cops vs Street Racers - Not gonna get us
I do not condone illegal street racing, if you must race your car please take it to the track. This video is a series of clips I found online in forums over the past year, and is for entertainment purposes only.