Lotus Exige S (2012, V6) Test Drive

A few edited down clips from my test drive in the new V6 engined Lotus Exige S. Sorry for the poor image quality in places and the squeaks and rattles at low-speed (caused by a combination of my cameras IS system and the suction mount rubbing). A few links for those who want to skip bits. Start of test drive: 0:35 Low speed noise: 3:00 Motorway cruising noise: 3:40 The Lotus Exige S is powered by the Toyota 2GR-FE engine with Harrop HTV 1320 Supercharger. Many thanks to Bell and Colvill for the loan of this car for an afternoon.

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Lotus Exige S 7.53 min Nordschleife Test sport auto
Lotus Exige S: Onboard sport auto-Testredakteur Christian Gebhardt auf der Nordschleife. Rundenzeit: 7.53 Minuten. http://www.sportauto.de

Lotus Exige V6 Cup Year One. 12 month ownership review.
A year in the making and the only ownership review on Youtube! What's it like to live with the most extreme Exige V6 for a year? Find out here. I went for a voiceover this time as no-one bothers to read the description. Apologies in advance!

Porsche 991 GT3 vs Lotus Exige V6 Cup - Spa
A fascinating track comparison with the new GT3 at Spa Francorchamps. Check out the full write-up at thelotusforums.com The Porsche is awesome but the Lotus edges it on track. Laptimes would be very close. Porsche wins hands down on the road, it's much more comfortable and luxurious. Check out the 9000rpm PDK gearshifts. But note how quickly the Lotus can swap cogs too. Epic cars. Epic track. A drivers dream come true.

2013 Lotus Exige V6 Cup vs 2012 Nissan GTR - Silverstone GP.
On a dry track this time. An interesting comparison between two very different approaches to achieve a similar result. Don't look for continuity, there isn't any! It was all taken from the same camera so at different times of the day. I was driving the GTR, plus the Exige for all the in-car shots. As I was driving the GTR I know that it was flat-out in race mode down the Hangar Straight so the difference between the two cars in a straight line is what you can see in the video - there's not much in it. Not bad going for a 345bhp car to match a 550bhp monster! Best comparison for straight line speed is at 3 minutes down the Hangar straight. You're seeing roughly 60 mph through to a little over 130 mph. The GTR is standard.