VFM austin rover advert

This is an advert for austin rover. You will see some old rover cars in this. Apparently This advert has Patrick Mower, from emmerdale. :-)

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Now We Were Motoring
I found this relic from the golden age of British Leyland on an old video tape. No wonder the British car industry sank without a trace!

British Leyland TV Advert
British Leyland peddling their lies and rotting cars in a TV Advert.

Rover Group - How They Went Upmarket
This video explains how Austin Rover transformed into the Rover Group in order to convey a more upmarket and less mainstream image.

Rover - The Long Goodbye
Documentary which traces the rise and fall of a great British brand. In the days when Britain's car industry was the envy of the world, Rover epitomised everything to which the driver of taste aspired, but in 2005 it reached the end of the road. The film explores how Rover cars went from defining their eras to becoming victims of their times, telling the story behind the key models to the controversial joint ventures with Japanese and Indian manufacturers in later years.