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D1GP Best Twin Drift Tandem Sudden Death Match
D1 Grand Prix 2007 Englishtown USA Ken Nomura ER34 533ps Blitz Skilyne Nobushige Kumakubo GDB 430ps YUKE'S team ORANGE Drift King Dori Kin Keiichi Tsuchiya Ken Nomura Dorifto D1GP JDM Video Option International Hot Version Best Motoring 2 fast and 2 furious Tokyo drift Racing Motorsport Wangan Tandem twin AE86 Europe America Irwindale Silverstone englishtown fuji suzuka tsukuba ebisu nikko speedway D1 GP Formula D Drift Mania Initial D Anime Touge mountain kei office JDM style tuning street legal JDMST skyline R32 R34 GTR 300zx veilside civic integra impreza lancer evolution 350Z 200SX celica s2000 nsx viper srt10 gts rx7 jza80 jzx100 mark2 350Z M3 GTR Nissan Toyota Mustang 240SX Silvia s13 s14 s15 show tuning turbo Supercharger kazama kumakubo yasuyuki immamura monkichi Smokey Nagata Tarzan Yamada Max orido Ayumi Hamasaki tanigushi sam hubinette rhys millen tanner foust technique super lap time attack

The Perfect Drift
Note: I added subs for those who want them 2009 D1GP Round 4 Okayama Driver: Kawabata Masato Score: 100 points from all judges Another angle (taken from the 1st corner stands): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyOVqaJzyMI

Drift - Police chasing Street Racer on highway. Very Funny. jdm cars imports
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*New Full Version* click this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXYWFWdLeSA&feature=youtu.be THE REDBULL TIANMENSHAN MOUNTAIN DRIFT KING SHOW .Full version of Helicopter Footage Full-Hd Raw Footage corners 31-95 at A show and competition that took place in North China on the 17/08/13 in the amazingly beautyfull place of the "Tianmenshan Mountains" famous in all the world for the Huge Hole in the Rock called the doors to Heaven. The road that takes you up on the top of the Tianmenshan Mountains has exactly 99 Corners and.. Why Not doing them "SideWays".. Only 2 Drivers were choosen by RedBull China to do this event and have a drift competition between each other, the Official RedBull China Driver from HongKong JAMES TANG, and the Official Team Orange Japan Driver from Italy FEDERICO SCERIFFO. With 96,5/100 Top Speed 170km/h The Italian Driver Takes the Win and the Title of "Drift King of the Heaven's Road"