One Lap of Road Atlanta, Formula Mazda Pro

One lap around Road Atlanta in a Star Mazda Series race on 10/5/07

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Peter Dempsey Road Atlanta Practice 2009
A lap with Peter Dempsey around Road Atlanta. This was taken from a practice session during the Petit Le Man weekend 2009

Racing Driver Survives 15-Car Pile-Up
On-board video from my car narrowly escaping first-lap carnage at the Pro Mazda race in Montreal.

Pablo Donoso - Star Mazda, Portland 2005 Incar
July 30, 2005 Amazing overtakes of Pablo Donoso from the last position, after a "end of the longtest line" penalty. #22 Pablo Donoso Andersen-Walko Racing Star Mazda Series Portland International Raceway, Oregon

Lap at Road Atlanta in American Le Mans Series P1
The NameSilo-sponsored Autocon Lola BA06 runs a lap at Road Atlanta prior to Petit Le Mans 2011. If you'd like your name or web address to appear on this American Le Mans Series race car, register or transfer a domain at