One Lap of Road Atlanta, Formula Mazda Pro

One lap around Road Atlanta in a Star Mazda Series race on 10/5/07

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Schumacher vs Hakkinen Silverstone 1998
Michael im Regen!!! Hakkinen lag zeitweise 40 sec vor Schumi, doch bei Bedingungen Silverstonelike zeigt der allen den wahren Meister und treibt den Finnen zum alles entscheidenden Fehler.

MVP Tracktime - Road Atlanta - Learning "The Line"
Learning the Line at Road Atlanta, with Don Yaun. - Revision 2 This video has a slow motion segment with a focus point (circle) where you should be looking for a full lap. The same lap is also run at speed so you can try to visualize where to look without the aid of the circle. There is a map in this video that shows the line as well but it is hard to see in the video so you may want to download the PDF and print out. It includes this map. Study it while watching the video. It is advised that you pause and read the text if needed. Also watch the video through several times before you get to the track to familiarize you with the turns. Download the PDF at: Instructors may vary the line somewhat and may suggest something a little different. This is intended as a guide to get you familiar with the track. Always do what the instructor in your car tells you to do as they know more about your car and what is going on at the time. I hope you learn from and enjoy this video. Please give me feedback that may be helpful for future videos: Sign up for MVP Tracktime at: See you at the track! Thanks, Don Yaun Produced for: MVP Tracktime Production and post production by: Don Yaun, Chief Instructor Technical assistance: Mike Skeen, Daniel Brightman, John Williams & Kirt Breitinger Copyright 2013 Don Yaun

Onboard Highlights w/ Spencer Pigot - Season Finale - 2014 Pro Mazda Champion
Thanks to Doug Mockett & Co. for putting together this highlight video. Spolier Alert: Rising Star Racing driver Spencer Pigot wins the 2014 Pro Mazda Championship in dramatic fashion and wins the Mazda Road to Indy scholarship prize money to move up to Indy Lights.

BIG Porsche flip at Road Atlanta
A Porsche flips big-time at Road Atlanta during a sportscar race.