Eifel Rallye Festival 2011 KP1 Hilgenrath Ford Anglia Meijers Snellings

Restart after "crash" Haider. Just 1 laps and out. No more allowed.. Car number 13 Ford Anglia 105E Leon Meijers Frank Snellings, Slowly Sideways

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Eifel Rallye Festival 2014 [CRASH EXTREME]

Mikko Hirvonen & Ford Anglia
Mikko Hirvonen driving my Ford Anglia -rally car

Ford Anglia and Mk1 Escort Leaving a Car Meet
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WRC DeutschlandRally 2012 Slowly Sideways SS Grafschaft Ford Anglia
Leon Meijers Frank Snellings Slowly Sideways WRC Deutschland Rally 2012 Histo Garage Meijers Autosport Elsloo Aelse