Kask motocyklowy Shoei XR-1100 Sylvan TC-9

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Monoślad odc. 34
Marcin Wójcik w rozmowie z Aleksandrem Ostrowskim opowiada o budowie kasków i bezpieczeństwie.

The Making of Shoei Helmets & XR-1100
A great documentary into the history and inside the Shoei factory. Highlights the quality and craftsmanship of this fine brand.

SHOEI XR-1100 Japan Debut !
Japanese sale in July of 2010.

The Helmet Center on proper helmet fit - TheHelmetCenter.com
Quick "how-to" video on proper helmet fitment. Its a quick way to see if you are ordering, or have ordered the correct sized motorcycle helmet for you. Call 866-NEW-HELMET or email us at ContactUs@TheHelmetCenter.com.