T-Rex Motorcycle the making from Montreal, Canada

The new era of motorcycle and extremely fast. Made in Montreal, Canada.

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Reverse turbo trike
Still on the build, hopefully I can send it to the DMV to get license plates early January. Maybe I can work in it during the holidays. Also It will be easy to answer questions from this new user.

Reverse Trike (TNX-RT2) 2
A bit more progress all wishbone mounts welded up, need to work out position of damper mounts now and sort out steering, till the next time. And remember if it aint got handle bars its not a trike its just a three wheeler.

Gary's T-Rex Motorcycle Build 5-26-13
Gary gave me the pictures he took so far of his T-Rex, so I put them in a slideshow for now. When it's done I'll put up a full build show.

rayvolutionEvo by MOTORSCOLLECTOR
Tv report on motors TV in the motorscollectors tv show