2000 Dodge Neon Head and Timing Belt - Part 2

This video includes the clips from part one butinlcudes the SOUND and a SLIDE SHOW from the project. Inspection - This is our brother Gregg's Car neon. The water pump seized and blew the timing belt. We decided to take it all the way down to the head because there was some question that a valve had bent as well. But other than a TON of carbon, it turned out to be OK. more at http://www.reinsmith.net

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Repairing 2001 Dodge Neon Timing Belt and Head
2001 Dodge Neon New is not always better

Neon timing belt replacement
Dodge Neon timing belt replacement. The car had about 145K on the clock and it ended up being the original belt! Torque Values: Water pump to engine: 105 INCH/lbs. Timing belt cover bolts: 105 INCH/lbs. Tensioner bolts (the two smaller ones): 22ft/lbs = 264 INCH/lbs (I usually just do 250in/lbs) Tensioner nut: 22ft/lbs = 264 INCH/lbs (I usually just do 250in/lbs) Cam Sprocket: 85ft/lbs Damper/ accessory drive pulley: 100ft/lbs.

Rebuilding a Dodge Neon in 10 min.

2.0 Neon DOHC timing belt aka 16 bent valves
It started as a typical DOHC timing belt replacement and within 100 miles it was time for a new set of valves. Learn from my mistake and prevent youself from repeating it. I didn't replace the idler and tensioner pulleys and it bit me hard. I set the belt tension according to service info and it was too much for the old bearings in the old pulleys. The bearings burned up and locked up and destroyed the timing belt which in turn bent all the valves. Replacing all the valves was a pain which could have been repvented by installing new pulleys.