CB 1300 Top Speed

Hardware: Honda CB 1300 SC 54 Model 2003 Samsung Galaxy S2,Android-Tacho GPS,Odys Camcorder MDV-HD80i und superbenzin mit 95 oktan für günstige 1,69 der Liter Top Speed Vmax 5.Gang 220,7 km/h - 5.gear 137,14 mph (GPS)

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CB1300 Marcella vs R1
Correndo a mais de 200km/h.

Honda CB 1300 0 - 100 - 200 - Top Speed Acceleration
Full stock Honda CB 1300S acceleration from a standing start. The start was terrible, rear tyre could easily withstand more torque but I was afraid to lose traction and hence - seconds :) I got distracted and accidentally hit cutoff RPM @2 gear. I'm positive that I could get somewhere around ~10.2s to 200. This motorcycle is factory limited to 245 kmph by fuel cutoff @8800 RPM, standard cutoff is @9200 RPM so it can still go a little bit faster when unrestricted :)

CB1300 Topspeed
Listen to the sound of the Big-1!

Hayabusa GSX R 1300 Turbo 400Km/H racing
the best superbike ever complete video, suzuki hayabusa turbo very fast going 400 Km/H racing on the freeway.