SRT4 vs. Trans Am part 3 (yay Sean finally won!)

'04 SRT4 vs '95 Trans Am LT1. SRT4 has big FMIC, Factory Diablosport tune running 17lbs, and 3" downpipe connected to stock exhast. My downpipe is not open in this video. So far I know the Trans Am just put on headers.

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Trans am vs SRT-4 Neon
fast srt 4

HCI trans am vs Modded SRT4
Filmed in mexico Trans am - 423/385 (Mustang Dyno) 243's,raptr cam,full Exhaust,ls6 intake SRT4 - 417/387 (Dynojet) full bolt ons low Boost of 15 lbs afrs 10.7 Agp delta 46dbb turbo with a 57mm wheel, no wot shifting. i gave him the hit. it looks like i hit the brakes early but i had to due to traffic. approaching a car at 120 or so. i wish we could have done another pull but my car shut off after i slowed down and my engine tried to idle. spun bearing. sorry about the spot on the lense. not my camera

SRT4 vs Supercharged Civic
SRT4 mods - Cold air intake, diablosport predator, 16 psi (2 pounds of Boost over stock). Civic mods - Jackson racing Supercharger with upgraded pulley running 11 pounds of Boost. Hondata tuning, GSR motor, stage 4 cams, intake manifold, short ram intake, header, and Exhaust. He was revving to 9800 RPM's!!!!! I was the camera guy in the civic, and my friend was driving my srt4 with his cousin and another friend. 50 mph roll. My friend left it in 3rd, and after he hit 4th for a second, he hit the brakes. I wish he would've kept going!! No the civic was not going 180 mph, it was in KMH, and he spun the needle past it. Man was that civic mean though. What a rocket!! He also has a 100 shot of Nitrous, but the bottle was empty when they raced, otherwise his car would've owned the SRT4 hardcore.

Trans Am Ram Air vs SRT 4
04 nsrt4 mods:Stage 1, agp wg & hardpipes w/hks bov, fmic 00 ta ws6 stock with lts and cutout ran 13.3 on bad tires roll was from 50 to 115ish