Ion Redline compilation

my 04 ion redline aka: 04redline0124

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2007 Saturn Ion Coolant Light
In this video, We will show you one way to troubleshoot the Coolant Alert or a coolant light on most Saturns. This is a common issue and creates a bit of confusion or trouble. If temps are still somewhat reading, and you have this alert, typically here is the cause. Shoutout to the ShoRyders in Tucson, celebrating their annual coming up this weekend. BE THERE.

Quick Saturn Ion Review
Big thanks to my friend Chris for lending me his beautiful Saturn Ion Redline for my first unofficial review video Had to make this review short and sweet. Next review coming soon... And here's a hint.. 600HP...

Saturn Ion Cooling Fan Replacement
Replacing cooling fan in a 2003 Saturn Ion. Its easy. This video went a little long, my bad. Bu hopefully this will help you out. Thanks for watching.

2003 Saturn Ion (Level 3) Start Up and Full Tour
2003 Saturn ION 3 w/ 128k miles. I give a full vehicle tour and review as well as start it up, show the engine, and demonstrate the sound system. Enjoy :)