Mustang Ricer VS Camaro Z28 (Part 1)

The start of a race between a Camaro and a Mustang. See Part 2 for the conclusion.

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Mustang Ricer VS Camaro Z28 (Part 2)
The conclusion and epic race. The poor kid never had a chance, and finished off with a ricer fly-by.

Camaro Z28 Full Exhaust
My 2002 Z28 with full Exhaust. Pacesetter longtubes, TSP Catted-Y, B&B Triflow catback.

Stupid Ricer Fails - Stupid Ricer Fails. This is our video Stupid Ricer Fails. We hope you enjoy the Epic Ricer Crashes, Fails, Dumbest Ricers and Ricer Burnouts. If you want to see ricer cars blowing up, ricer karma and ricer drift fails then this video is for you. Enjoy! HERES THE ORIGINAL VIDS -------------------------------------------------------- Dodge Neon Burnout gone wrong with Clutch Blowing Up -------------------------------------------------------- Drift Ricer Fail -------------------------------------------------------- Epic Burnout Fail -------------------------------------------------------- Maxima Ricer Epic Fail -------------------------------------------------------- My brakes didnt work!! LOL Ricers..... -------------------------------------------------------- MY RIMS!!! Man! Oh! I gotta call my Dad! -------------------------------------------------------- RSX Engine grenading from over rev -------------------------------------------------------- Stupid ricer fails at doing a burnout! -------------------------------------------------------- DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ------------------------------------------------------------------- Find us on instagram Find us on Twitter Find us on Facebook -----------------------------------------------------------------

LT1 Trans Am VS 5.0 Mustang (Supercharged?) Race 2
LT1 Trans Am with headers and CAI racing a 5.0 Heads/Cam Mustang. It sounded supercharged, but he said it was his trans..?