Dodge Challenger 440 Magnum R/T 1970 Sound

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440 Challenger: Vanishing Point

Dodge Challenger Hellcat - 0-300 km/h Acceleration
Watch the 707 hp Hellcat go from 0-300 km/h.The tach is not really accurate, it´s underestimating the speed by around 10-15 km/h at Vmax, so this is more like 310-315 km/h rather than 300 km/h. We discovered that issue while using our VBox telemetry system the day before.

1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440 MAGNUM 7.2l V8 375PS BIG BLOCK - SOUND VIDEO

'71 Challenger R/T 440 SIX PACK, Shaker Hood, Mopar Poster Child SYA! SOLD by
This is a SIX PACK powered Challenger you won't find every day, unless you see this very car. The current poster child for the Mopar Restoration Catalog, this may be the only example ordered Orange/Orange Stripe 4spd with white interior. This car is backed by her original sales invoice, factory braking tests, original factory inspection sheet, original factory warranty booklet, and original photos with her first owner. Full documentation proves that this car was born rare and gorgeous. We will export American Muscle overseas. SYA! SOLD. Find yours on or by calling Patrick Krook at (847)838-3749.