City Car Driving with Logitech G27

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Gt6 g27 mod

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Scandinavia DLC - Logitech G27

BMW M5 F10 City Car Driving Simulator G27 300 Km/h Big Crash Ending !!!
BMW M5 F10 City Car Driving + Steering Wheel Logitech G27 Do not forget it's only a game, drive carefully in the reality ! Take a Look on my Racing Game Videos Collection : Project C.A.R.S : QafExI1&index=36 City car Driving 1.2.5: G9iaxLc&index=25 City car Driving 1.3 : 0KCvtkN&index=1 Grid 2 : 1L4lMB6&index=2 Gran Turismo : q0ksbxQ&index= Nascar 2013 : UreWUOV&index=1 WRC 3&4 : lpraa1x&index=1 BeamNG Drive : maHhc0E&index=5 Euro Truck Simulator 2 : fGKlZ8C&index=1 Race 07 / RaceRoom : 0iozs4O&index=1 Rfactor 2 : EtlLJMf&index=2 GoPro Onboard Camera : Wf-9hTd&index=17 TDU2 : urUCyPi&index=1 F1 2013 : jqTktiM&index=1 Assetto Corsa : fnBoREB&index=1

Logitech G25 vs G27 - Noisy FFB? Sound test | Assetto Corsa + DTM Experience
I got myself a new G27 Get it here: BUT! even though it is more silent vs G25, the FFB rattle is worse with this successor! I did this test to get a confirmation whether the wheel is faulty or not. Some owners say this is normal and some say this is way too much noisy so owner should RMA it. I am not happy with tweaking settings way below what the defaults are for G25/27. Even on lowered settings i could hear rattle when turning right over curb. Totally unhappy about it! Rather have G25 even though it's louder when on track... UPDATE: Wheel got replaced with a new one but same old ''P/N: 841-000042'' version. Same problem still occurs with turning right over curb but at much lower noise level. Become a YouTube Partner with Curse's Union for Gamers: * Logitech G25 vs Logitech G27 G25 vs G27 comparison video test G27 too loud Force Feedback rattle clipping logitech profiler settings