Honda Civic EK3 H22A project

Latest movie of this car! Short photostory of building my Honda Civic. Much work has been done, but still much to do. Sorry for poor quality of photos in first part of movie. Thanks for watching and comments

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Honda Civic EK3 H22A - From Poland with Stance
More about the car you can find here: and here: Music: Gooral - Traveller

MMPower Honda Civic HB EK4 K20 JDM (SmokeSilver) Project ᴴᴰ
MMPower Honda Civic EK4 K20 JDM (SmokeSilver) Project MMPowerTeam #03 Alper BiLEN Car Modfied List: K20A2 JDM Motor Transmission & Electric Harness(Swap) KTuned K20Swap Cold Air Intake, KTuned K20Swap 4-1 Headers, Mıshımoto k20 Engine Radiator, BuddyClup Fat Cover, ARP K20 Studs, Skunk2 Valve Tappets, eXedy Stage 2 Cluntch, eXedy Lightweight Volan, HASSPORT K20 Swap Engine & Transmission Ears, Custom EK4-K20 Swap Shaft's, Skender Custom 63mm Centre Piping, DC Sport 63mm End Pipe Exhaust, Ultra Racing Front Tower Bar, ALUTech Rear Tower Bar, Skunk2 ShortShifter, KONI Hardness Leveling dampers Are, H&R 40mm DTM Racing Springs, VOLK T37 Black 7x17" Wheels, Pirelli P700 205/40/17 Tires, Spoon Front Grille, Spoon Carbon Mirror, Spoon Carbon Spoiler, Honda EK9 Front Bumper, Honda EK9 Front Bumper Spoiler, Honda EK9 Rear Bumper Spoiler, Honda EK9 JDM BackLight, Honda EK4 JDM Headlight, D1 Racing Blue Wheel Nuts, Honda TypeR Front & Rear Logo, MOMO Gotham Steering Wheel, Skunk2 6 Ileri Shift Knob, Honda OEM EP2 TypeR Front Seats, Custom Rear Seats, JDM Red Mats, CAUTION Video Requires Watching High Quality Music System. ©2012 Music By Nazif ( ©2012 MMPower Videos ( ©2012 MMPower Project

CANiBEAT: Teddy's 1996 Honda Civic EK (Video)
1996 Honda Civic EK Owner: Teddy Music: Daft Punk - The Game Has Changed

Honda Civic b18 turbo
Watch in 1080p HD a wieczorne dłubanie przy samochodzie umilał Browar Ciechan, najlepsze piwo !