John's Journal - Hella LEDs the Way

German automotive supplier Hella has developed yet another type of headlight. Beyond halogen, xenon and others, Hella has produced a headlamp that works completely off of LEDs, or light-emitting diodes (LEDs are what make the little lights on the front of your computer glow). Debuting on the 2008 Cadillac Escalade Platinum, Hella's LED headlights offer customers several key benefits over traditional headlamps. To help explain a little about this new lighting system is Hella's North American president, Dr. Martin Fischer. Also, David Schiavone, Product Manager for the Cadillac Escalade gives us an in-depth walk around the new Platinum Escalade.

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Road Test: Audi S5
The coupe is back at Audi (never mind the TT, which has had two doors since its introduction in '98). The new A5 and S5 are coupes in the traditional sense -- two doors and a long, low body. To showcase this stylish new car Audi invited us down to Washington D.C. for a rousing drive of the V8-powered S5. The rural roads of country Virginia really gave us a chance to stretch the S5's legs and work its chassis through the narrow, winding roads that cut through the area's farmland. While we were in the capital we also managed to score an interview with Carter Balkcom, Audi's A5/S5 product manager.

Ford's New Innovation Center - Autoline This Week 1923
With so much of today’s engineering revolving around the connected car and autonomy, many automakers are setting up shop in Silicon Valley including Detroit Three member Ford. Autoline went west to take a sneak peek and see what Ford is developing in the midst of its neighbors like Google, Tesla & Apple. Host John McElroy talks with Ford executives Raj Nair, Ken Washington & Don Butler about how this lab will impact future product. In addition, he takes you for a quick tour behind the scenes at some of the experiments being done within the walls of this high tech lab. Get more video everyday at

BMW App Has You Seeing Green, Fuel Cells Produce Gallons of H2O - Autoline Daily 1667
0:32 Africa the Next Growth Market? 1:12 Ford Performs Well Globally 1:45 Used Teslas Attract More Millennials 2:49 Subaru Teams to Protect Pets 3:35 BMW App Has You Seeing Green… Lights 4:36 Fuel Cells Produce Gallons of Water Get more video everyday at

How Tesla & CARB Got Us to Drink the Kool-Aid - Autoline After Hours 296
UP FOR DISCUSSION: - Hacking cars: Serious Issue or Serious Exaggeration? - Tesla Battery Swap: Is the Million-Dollar Loophole Dead? SPECIAL GUEST: Larry Moss, Chairman, Concours d’Elegance of America at St. John’s - What cars will be at the Concours and why were they chosen? All that and much more with John McElroy,; Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production; Ed Niedermeyer, Daily Kanban Special Thanks to The Meurer Collection for loaning its 1950 Nash Statesman Airflyte. Learn more at Get more video everyday at