Pagani Huayra Start Up, Sound and Bugatti Combo !

This is the first Pagani Huayra spotted in France, by myself :) It's painted in a nice satin grey, looks like aluminium. The sound of the start up is just the same as an AMG 65, just louder. That's because the engine is a bi-turbo V12, from AMG. There was a nice combo with the Bugatti Veyron in front of it, I'm sure you'll apreciate it ! Enjoy !

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$4.5 Million Ferrari F12 TRS LOUD REVS Sound and Full Overview!
During the 2015 International Festival Automobile in Paris, this rather incredible one-off Ferrari F12 TRS was displayed to the public. There are very few videos in which you can hear the sound of the engine... At the end of the show, the organizers started the car and gave it a few blips.. The sound is much deeper than the F12's and this was with the valves closed! Can't imagine how loud it must be with the valves open! This car has the same engine as the F12 Berlinetta. For the detail shots, I thought of classical music, I thought it fitted well the huge class this car has. Thanks a lot to my friend Thomas who gently provided me this clip of the F12 TRS revving! Enjoy!

LaFerrari vs Ferrari FXX Start Up and INSANE Acceleration!
In this video, you'll see a matte white Ferrari LaFerrari and a yellow FXX, both starting up, then leaving the car park in Miami with a full throttle launch! Which one is your favourite? Huge thanks to my friend Max for providing me this video, make sure to check out his Facebook page : Enjoy!

Aventador & Scuderia INSANE Revs, Flames and Launch!!
Top Marques Monaco is beggining and yesterday night, some cars of Luxury Custom arrived to make some show! That includes revs, flames and launch from the Lamborghini Aventador, and the Ferrari 430 Scuderia! Both are fitted with straight pipes Exhaust, yes, pretty loud. Enjoy!

Ferrari LaFerrari LOUD Cold Start Up and Driving Sound!
I recorded a loud Ferrari LaFerrari starting up in Cannes and driving around. Actually there were two different ones. The one with the plate 9999 is orange while the 6666 is a red one. Both sound incredibely good in person, much much louder than an F12 Berlinetta. Enjoy!