Onboard Video Escort Fitzpatrick Jarama 1971

OnboardCam in an Escort BDA at the 4 hours of Jarama 1971 with John Fitzpatrick talking about his driving skills.

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John Fitzpatrick - Life Behind the Wheel
John Fitzpatrick was one of the best Porsche drivers of his era. He began his career driving Touring cars in the British Saloon Car Championship and European Touring Car Championship, winning the BSCC in 1966. First it was Minis, then Ford Anglias and Escorts. In the 1970’s Fitz continued to be one of Europe's busiest professional drivers and became renowned for his expertise at driving the German machines racing in Porsches for Kremer and Georg Loos and in Touring Cars for Ford and BMW, and steadily clocking up wins and podiums. Fitzpatrick had a driving career spanning 22 years and competed on many of the most famous circuits in the most iconic race cars of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s alongside co-drivers such as David Hobbs, Brian Redman, Tom Walkinshaw, Dick Barbour, Peter Gregg, Jochen Mass, and Bob Wolleck.

4h Jarama 1971 WTCC
Rare and superb footage of Ford Capri RS 2600, Alfa Romeo GTAm, GTAj and Escort BDA. PLus some Minis and Fiat 124.

BMW 2002 Alpina vs. Ford Escort BDA - Zolder 1972
Four Escorts fighting against an Armada of BMW 2002 / 1602. Two of the Escorts are Zakspeed-Cars, other two I can't identify. One of them might be BP-Belgium. All well-known BMW-Tuners are in this race: Alpina, Schnitzer, Koepchen and the yellow-black GS-Vergölst-Car is also there. Having a closer look you can spot a single Opel Manta, an Opel Ascona and a dark blue / white striped Kadett B (probably Otto Kälberer) is passing one of the slower Escorts. There's some other cars to be seen in the paddock, including a bunch of Alfa GTA. Really don't know, why the Alfas are not in this most likely 2-litre-class-race. This is probably a race in Zolder in 1972, but I don't know for sure.

Zakspeed Escort vs Cologne Capri.m4v
Skope Classic Ruapuna, Christchurch NZ. Gary Wilkinson in the 1977 Gp 5 Zakspeed Escort faces off against Roger Townsend in the 1972 spec Cologne Capri. In-car footage.